Virgin Trains receives a Gold StepTwo award for overall employee engagement

By Katy Noble

Our client Virgin Trains kindly invited Simon Kevan from Laws of Attraction to receive their StepTwo gold award for overall employee engagement at the Unicef building in London.


It was an interesting afternoon dedicated to digital workplace innovation from some of the category winners with the Vibe survey and engagement platform being a key component of the award.

Vibe increases employee engagement by collecting deep insights into thoughts, feelings and psychometric makeup of an organisation's people on a regular basis.

Vibe is unique in two ways. Firstly, Vibe collects emotional subconscious data by getting participants to click on images. This data is then contrasted with traditional qualitative and quantitative feedback. Secondly, Vibe can then convert these findings to financial reports highlighting the opportunities and risks across a wide range of filters such as department, location, age, gender, time in business and other demographic data.

Vibe also has several other features including live time reporting for ideas management, outstanding behaviour, 360 feedback, Leadership feedback and recruitment psychometrics to name a few. 

Drew McMillan Head of Colleague Communication & Engagement at Virgin Trains said ‘I’m constantly seeking innovative solutions to help better understand our colleague population. Vibe is an integral part of our employee engagement effort, giving us a simple, robust tool to understand their feelings and take swift improvement actions.’

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