Laws of Attraction get creative for HEEE

By Katy Noble

As part of Laws of Attraction's ongoing corporate social responsibility, we support several charities with the range of services we offer.

Recently a group of colleagues at the University College London (UCL) set up an initiative called HEEE that stands for Health, Education, Engineering and Environment. HEEE's founders, Professor (Dr) Monica Lakhanpaul, Professor Marie-Carine Lall and Dr Priti Parikh realised the importance of developing interdisciplinary links between the sectors to assist in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals in resource-poor countries. Their initial work has been focussed in rural India initially, working with communities and Save the Children to improve the health of their young children by tackling issues such as sanitation and feeding practices.

This fantastic idea for HEEE came about after the founders had spent time in India talking directly with families and asking them what their priorities were. This was followed by several conversations with people from various educational institutions, NGO’s and foundations in India where it became clear that a different approach to support integration of these sectors was needed. 

The HEEE concept is to integrate a more forward thinking and holistic approach to the development challenges that countries, such as India, face. It aims to bring more collaboration between the community, NGO’s, industries, academic and government organisations to co-design solutions and create a better infrastructure for the country's future. The team and charity also hopes to integrate this approach in other developing countries around the world.

Laws of Attraction were invited to create the logo and brand identity for the HEEE team. The whole team, including some who don't usually work within our creative department, took the opportunity to get involved in a team brainstorm, thinking of all sorts of different ideas that might be able to work. 

In the end, we came up with several ingenious ideas that were conceptualised for our creative team to lead with: 

  • Traditional Indian symbolism 
  • Lotus flower 
  • Sanskrit text 
  • Collaborative progress – bold font

HEEE Brand Identity - Collaborative Progress

HEEE Brand Identity Idea 1 - Collaborative Progress 


HEEE Brand Identity - Sanskrit Text

HEEE Brand Identity Idea 2 - Sanskrit Text


HEEE Brand Identity - Lotus Flower

HEEE Brand Identity Idea 3 - Lotus Flower



Feedback from HEEE was that the decision was very difficult, but to ensure that the team could use the logo to represent work globally in the future the lotus flower that was chosen. We are delighted to be able to help the cause at the start of their journey and we are looking forward to seeing the results of the valuable work they will be doing. 

Professor (Dr) Monica Lakhanpau of HEEE said: 'We wish to thank Laws of Attraction for giving up their time to support this important initiative. Having a visual logo that that we can use on our website and literature amongst other things will help us to spread our work globally. We know that companies such as Laws of Attraction are very busy but their team worked with us to not only give us one logo but to provide us with a choice! They were all so amazing that we had real difficulty in deciding which to choose. Finally, we chose the hands around the lotus flower because we know it will allow us to use it for other global projects that we commit to in the future.

Charities and teams like ours rely on the good will of others to enable us to improve the lives of others. We are grateful that Laws of Attraction have joined this journey with us!'