A Right Royal Brand Revival

By Graham Forbes

Our client Roomzzz asked us to undertake a rebranding project for them. They have a sub brand called Royalty Club which is their members club for loyal customers. 

Their current branding for Royalty Club, was out of date and out of context with the rest of their branding: it looked old and cheap and didn’t do the Roomzzz brand any favours. Their objective was to project a more contemporary, fresh and clean image via the Royalty Club so that it became in line with the rest of the brand collateral that had recently been updated for the core brand 

Old Roomzzz Loyalty Scheme

Re-branded Roomzzz Loyalty Scheme

We thought it important that some remnant of the old branding should remain so that there was a sense of continuity and so that it was still recognisable as the same sub-brand and club and so that the current members weren’t confused by any change.  

We took the crown (as a classic symbol of royalty) and used that as the starting point. We of course simplified it though the use of a simple icon. We took further cues from regal semiotics with the use of silver, gold and platinum leaf and purple ribbon.

Graham Forbes, creative director at Laws of Attraction said: “The resulting branding and related marcomms answer the brief of appearing clean and contemporary whilst retaining a few royal references that lets the consumer know that the offer contained within is reserved for their most valued customers.”

The new branding for Roomzzz Royalty Club will be rolled out throughout June 2016.