A-ZZZ of Roomzzz

By Graham Forbes

Roomzzz is an aparthotel business that combines the style of a boutique hotel with the convenience of a serviced apartment

We've been working with Roomzzz this year on a campaign that we devised for them called A-ZZZ. The campaign obviously plays on the company’s brand name, but at the same time provides a solid platform from which we have been able to play out different brand messages across a multitude of channels. 

The email channel has provided Roomzzz with the most opportunity to really converse with the audience in a more direct manner, however the out-of-home adverts we created for Roomzzz boldly marked their territory in the areas they operate and were effective as both a brand awareness and sales exercise. 

The email campaign we created for Roomzzz - putting their message directly in the hands of their consumers. 


The sales guide we created for Roomzzz - enabling their consumer to explore the brand in a more tactile way.


Taxi advertising - capturing the entire city's audience, in all the right locations in a cost effective way. 


4 sheet advertising in prime locations for any passing drivers and pedestrians to see.


Large billboard advertising billboard offering huge "in-your-face" advertisements - stamping Roomzzz's authority in the area.

Laws of Attraction's creative director, Graham Forbes said: "Integrated campaigns are what we do best and it was a pleasure to work with Roomzzz on the A-ZZZ campaign this summer. It was a strong and eye-catching campaign and we can see that the initial results from the e-mail marketing have show the campaign to be effective. We are looking forward to being able to share the full results when they have all been collated soon."

We will be creating a case study on this campaign very soon, so check back in to our website soon.