Our Latest Tech Innovation In Conjunction With Ultimo Lingerie

By Natasha Langton

They say that all work and no play makes makes Jack a dull boy... So this April Fool's Day we decided to help our client, Ultimo to have a little fun with their customers. 

We invented a new bra concept for them - The Cleavage Spy Bra - a bra with hidden technology to help women secretly film anyone who checks out their cleavage.

The bra featured a built-in bluetooth camera hidden discreetly between the cups, with timed software that detects if someone’s eyes remain on your chest for more than 3 seconds. The facial recognition camera is powerful enough to “see” through fine fabrics. We also imagined an app called The Cleavage Cam app that supports the bra, which can be downloaded to your smartphone and will store images of those who have been caught in the act.

We had great fun designing the bra and our clients at Ultimo thought it was a great! The story was picked up by the press - by Huffington Post and by Cosmopolitan who featured The Cleavage Spy Bra in their round up of the best April Fool's pranks of 2016! A super result! 

With summer just around the corner and everyone bearing a bit more flesh, we don't think it would be a bad idea if The Cleavage Spy Bra did actually go into production!