Roomzzz Taxis

To further boost the A - ZZZ campaign for our client Roomzzz, we created some colour taxi adverts for them. 

Taxis are ubiquitous in city centres - which are the exact places that Roomzzz aparthotels are located and so present the perfect channel for some high impact marketing and high exposure for the brand.  

Taxi ranks are located in the most advantageous parts of the city centre for advertising, whether it is a rail station, a key shopping area or near the bars and clubs, your taxi does not have to be moving for it to make the desired impact. The fact that taxis are always on the move, both day and night, means that they offer more opportunities for exposure than static advertising. And for Roomzzz especially, the fact that taxis frequent railway stations and airports - the sort of place their visitors are likely to arrive from makes taxi advertising all the beneficial for them. We're hoping that these new adverts hit the spot and we're looking forward to seeing the results they bring in. 

By Graham Forbes


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