The Science that Drives Laws of Attraction

By Katy Noble

Recently, Laws of Attraction Behavioural Scientist, Ana Costa read a fascinating article that discusses the science behind the Laws of Attraction.

The article talks about how the law of attraction is determined by much more than just looks, with other senses such as voice and smell playing a vital part in an individual’s perception than previously thought. Utilising the 3 senses gives the individual a higher state of perception across many more channels, thus creating more opportunities to formulate an opinion on another person, brand message or even a whole organisation.

You can read more via the article here: http://neurosciencenews.com/attraction-voice-scent-6740/ 

Here are some other fascinating psychological insights that we integrate into our client's campaigns here at Laws of Attraction.

-        First impressions are fully subconscious and accurate personality judgments can be made within as little as 100ms!

-        95% of our decisions are made subconsciously, all guided by cues that we acquire through our sensory system. 

-        We actually have 9 types of senses in our body, ranging from the well-known vision, smell, taste, haptics and sound, but also other not so well-known senses such as nociception (feelings of pain), proprioception (body position, motion, equilibrium), thermoception (temperature sensation), interoception (sensitivity to stimuli originating inside of the body), and all of them play a role in how we perceive others, react to them and feel attraction for them. 

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