Generating Some Heat for UOWN

By Katy Noble

From March – June 2017 we worked on an integrated marketing campaign for property crowdfunding investment company UOWN. UOWN have been making waves across the industry by opening up the property investment market to everyone, with an innovative, crowd funding approach to property investment.

The marketing activities we produced for UOWN focused on an integrated customer acquisition campaign that included a microsite design, email marketing campaigns, as well as direct marketing and a social media strategy.

To encourage customers to interact on social media and ultimately drive traffic to the UOWN site, we invited new and existing customers to send a chilli plant to someone they know. The goal was to promote the potential growth that a property investment of just £20 could yield with UOWN. We encouraged the receivers of each chilli plant to post using the hashtag #housesurprising to enhance the campaign’s reach even further.


UOWN Chilli Plant Microsite

Graham Forbes, Laws of Attraction’s creative director said ‘It was great fun working with UOWN, they really challenged us to push our creativity to the extreme to create something with real cut-through and viral appeal. The chilli-mail campaign felt like the perfect answer to their brief.’

View the UOWN microsite here: https://www.uown.co/chillimail

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