Farfetch uses Vibe to start their Diversity & Inclusion conversation

By Natasha Langton

Laws of Attraction was delighted to be invited to work with online fashion retail platform, Farfetch on their recent all-employee event.   
Via our Vibe employee feedback and engagement platform, Laws of Attraction supported an ‘experience’ at their all-employee event in Portugal that marked the start of their conversation on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).  
The experience was designed to encourage colleagues to develop more diverse working relationships and to challenge and change their thought process around the D&I agenda. The experience took place over three rooms: the first room introduced the importance of D&I, as well as the specific context for what it means for the Farfetch business: the second room challenged employees’ existing assumptions on D&I: the third room looked ahead to the future, drawing together colleagues’ input on what Farfetch’s D&I strategy could incorporate. 
In the first room, colleagues answered some image-based questions using Laws of Attraction's Vibe platform. Vibe’s ability to pose simple image-based questions (through an implicit association approach) that have no clear ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer not only removes conscious and unconscious bias, but also makes it a fun task to complete. Vibe’s questions are also easily understood across differing language speakers. 
Although using Vibe was an outwardly light-hearted activity for the colleagues and completely anonymous, Vibe was able to provide Farfetch with some high-level insights into the openness of its employees to D&I. As well as this, the delegates were also be able to learn something about themselves - and this personal awareness is potentially something they can use to support and drive the ongoing D&I conversation for Farfetch.