Supporting women's charity Shantona's 20th anniversary

By Katy Noble

October saw a milestone celebration for the Leeds charity, Shantona.

Laws of Attraction has built a relationship with Shantona over the past few years through the provision of communications expertise and services as part of our ongoing corporate social responsibility initiative.

Shantona Cake

Shantona helps support women within the Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) community through the donation of a range of services that helps to develop the relationship that the women have with themselves, strengthen the bonds they have within their family, and consequently improves relationships within their community. Shantona’s dedication to their cause, and their experience over the past 20 years, enables them to provide a first-class service to those who need it most; empowering women who are sometimes experiencing distressing circumstances and to enable them to build confidence and to take control of their lives.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Shantona hosted an evening that was a celebration of everything they have accomplished as a charity through supporting women in the BAME community. It served as a welcome reminder of the impact they have made within Leeds and the positive influence they have made to challenge cultural issues in the BAME community as whole.

Ahead of the event, Laws of Attraction supported Shantona with a brand repositioning project, bringing their brand up-to-date and proofing it for the future. We also supported the development of Shantona’s online presence, brochures and creation of other collateral to help them communicate the history, vision and purpose to stakeholders as well as to the women they have supported over the years.

Shantona Hug

A big congratulations to Shantona on such a remarkable achievement. Everyone at Laws of Attraction has been delighted to be able to support Shantona with such a worthy cause.

If you have any products or services that you feel Shantona could benefit from, please contact us on attract@lawsofattraction.com