The Conceptual Transfer of Passion

By Natasha Langton

Passion, in the corporate sense, refers to the conscious and intense positive feelings that develop when someone is engaged in what they feel is a meaningful contribution to an organisation.

Passionate people feel empowered to be able to be their best self and to overcome performance barriers.

Whether passion is transferred from a corporate leader to employees affects company performance and the pursuit of its strategic goals.

Professor Makino, working with his research team at the University of Hong Kong and Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, has devoted his recent work to measuring how effectively leaders of companies translate their passion into success for their company to their “followers.” His findings show that it is not just sufficient for a corporate leader to have passion about his or her dream. What matters most in terms of results for a company is whether the leader can share that passion with others.

His latest paper posits a conceptual parallel between heat conduction and passion transfer, in which the “heat” of passion bombards the company through engagement activities, leading to the transfer of “atoms and molecules” in the form of emotions and inner thoughts from a company’s leader to other members of the company. Successful passion transfer in a corporate sense involves the company’s ability to communicate and act on entrepreneurial vision and success.

“One of the reasons scholars have not paid attention to emotions is that it is very difficult to measure emotions,” Professor Makino says. Traditional business research “ignores the very simple fact that organizations are a collection of emotions and a collection of individuals.”

Vibe from Laws of Attraction enables organisations is able to measure that tricky area of emotion. In fact, Passion is one of its key emotions, along with levels of Stress, Empowerment and Trust that Vibe measures within a business. Armed with this important information, organisations can gain a clear picture of their workforce and create strategies to either improve these emotions and/ or leverage them to increase business success.

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