Virgin Trains' Vibe Internal Promotion Video

By Natasha Langton

We recently undertook a film production project for our client, Virgin Trains.

The project marked the first anniversary of Virgin Trains’ Vibe implementation across the organisation. Since its launch, there has been a good level of uptake of Vibe among Virgin Trains colleagues and there have been many positive changes taking place throughout the business as a result.

Virgin Trains wanted to give Vibe a fresh push throughout the business and remind current users of its importance and continued benefits, and all the positive changes that have resulted from it; as well as to try and round up any non-users. After all, the more colleagues that use Vibe, the better the resulting insight will be.

Virgin Trains colleagues are busy people and as such, a short, simple and fun video was deemed the best medium to get the important messages across. We used Virgin Trains colleague to convey the message, which gave it authenticity. The filming day was great fun for all involved and our star performers were fantastic in their enthusiasm and skills in front of the camera. We shot some super footage and even had time to have some fun with some hilarious out-takes.

The film has just been released internally on Virgin Trains’ colleague video network.

“The Vibe tool has revolutionised the way we understand employee engagement at Virgin Trains. Our previous method was the typical annual survey which gave great insights but only once a year. Vibe truly allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse and get monthly updates about how it feels to work at Virgin Trains. This allows us to respond and right any wrongs quickly.

We’ve had Vibe in place for a year and the trends from the data appear to accurately reflect what’s happening in our organisation. This, for me and the leadership team, has proven the credibility of the tool. Now, in year two, our focus is on driving up the numbers of participants and embedding ways in which the insights are used to move the organisation forward.

Simon and the team at LoA worked closely with us to develop and implement Vibe considering our organisational context / culture and they continue to support us regularly to ensure we are getting maximum value from the results.”

Cheryl Jackson, organisational development consultant at Virgin Trains