Using Nostalgia to Convey a New Message

By Natasha Langton

Farnell element14 is a distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair that operates in 28 countries across Europe.

They came to us with a new proposition and messaging with the objectives of reinforcing their relationships with two of their core target audiences - engineers and buyers. However, what they lacked was a solution that brought the message to life and got it out to the members in an easily understandable way.

We sourced emotive still images that encapsulated these new promises and told a story that was both nostalgic and aspirational: that Farnell cares about the relationships it has with its customers and supports them in a multitude of ways - enabling buyers and engineers to think with the kind of freedom that most of us only experience when we are children. 

The images also featured in an international print campaign which was supported by a series of videos that we produced.

The videos featured footage from our own Farnell archive shot at various Farnell locations across Europe, and was supplemented with some stock clips. 

We used kinetic typography to expand on Farnell's new promise and communicate to buyers and engineers all of the advantages that Farnell could offer them. 

These videos were translated into a number of languages and will be promoted via social media in North America, China, the UK and Europe in forthcoming months.