Vibe 360 programme for the Abellio Executive Leadership team

By Natasha Langton

We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with Abellio Transport Holdings. Abellio operates the rail franchises of Greater Anglia, ScotRail and West Midlands Trains and the Merseyrail concession as well as c. 8% of London buses and employs over 14,000 people across the UK.

Laws of Attraction has been commissioned to design and deliver a 360 assessment for the Leadership Team, using the Abellio Leadership Frameworks and internal values and competencies. This bespoke assessment also uses our Vibe 360 technology, and we have applied our psychological insights to the process.

Vibe 360 is an innovative feedback tool based on relationship psychology that enhances colleague’s self-awareness in line with their personal goals, the customer value proposition and company objectives. Moreover, Vibe 360 helps individuals identify and develop strengths and other behaviours to enhance relationships across the group. Leaders will request feedback from peers and team members and in addition, the technology uses images as well as traditional qualitative and quantitative questions so that the leaders can gain an overarching understanding of their leadership styles.

This marks Abellio’s ongoing commitment to developing employee and customer relationships across the group.

Joanna Walker, Abellio UK’s Head of Strategy said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Laws of Attraction in delivering 360 to our business. Through Vibe 360, we hope to offer fresh insights in challenging ourselves to be the best leaders we can be and lead progress in the UK rail and bus industry.”

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