GB Auto uses Laws of Attraction to drive business growth

By Natasha Langton

We are pleased to announce that the latest forward-thinking organisation that has chosen to use Laws of Attraction’s Vibe engagement and feedback platform in order to strengthen its internal and external business relationships, is Egyptian company, GB Auto.

Based in Egypt, GB Auto is a 60-year-old family-run business and leading automotive assembler, manufacturer and distributor throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It has been listed on the Egyptian Exchange since 2007. GB Auto has direct sales presences in Egypt and Iraq and is now expanding to other MENA nations. While maintaining and growing its strong position in the Egyptian and Iraqi markets, GB Auto is working on expansion opportunities in a number of countries starting with North Africa, in partnership with leading global brands and using a diversified portfolio of products.

Currently GB Auto employees number around 10,000 people across the Middle East and China. Through Vibe, GB Auto’s stakeholders want to discover more about current levels of employee engagement throughout the organisation, as well as realise opportunities to improve not only improve engagement but business performance too.

On top of the standard Vibe product, GB Auto will also be ultilising Laws of Attraction’s Vibe 360 for their 120 executive leaders from across the GB Auto group. Vibe 360 is an innovative feedback tool that uses relationship psychology to enhance individuals’ self-awareness in line with their personal goals, the customer value proposition and company objectives. Moreover, Vibe 360 helps individuals identify and develop strengths and other behaviours via the provision of constructive feedback from peers and team members.  

Prior to any programme design such as this, we will first spend time immersing ourselves within the GB Auto organisation, observing the current relationships and management styles. Using a set of psychological diagnostic tools, we will be able to discover exactly what the programme needs to deliver and calibrate the Vibe 360 tool accordingly in both Arabic and English in order to elicit this.

Beyond this, a blended approach including a series of Laws of Attraction hosted workshops aimed to drive understanding and learning within the executive team, as well as one-to-one coaching sessions with Laws of Attraction leadership coaches will really maximise learnings and ensure application within the organisation.