Changeboard Future Talent Conference 2019

Great day and some great thinking at the Changeboard's Future Talent Conference 2019 the must-attend HR event for senior HR and business leaders today.
Nearly 1000 people attended the conference to learn about the latest in HR technology trends.
The day was packed with stimulating thought leadership. Some of the topics covered were:
  • How can we be high performers in a complex world?
  • What can we learn from Generation Y?
  • Are we about to see a #metoo tsunami hit the boardroom?
  • Bias is human - the solution is too
  • Social mobility and re-imagining your future workforce
The venue could not be more suited for a day of exploring the juxtaposition between ‘humanity’ and powerful new technologies, what this means for the talent we seek, how we nurture our people, and how we structure our organisations.
The Royal Geographical Society is the theatre in which Darwin gave his Origin of the Species lecture for an immersive day designed to provoke and support your own personal and organisational evolution.
The day provided an absolute overwhelming wealth of knowledge from world-leading experts, and the core sentiment was about getting companies and boards of companies open to the idea of learning intelligence. Opening their minds to the world, and to more diverse and inclusive ideas and creative ways of working so they can create a more harmonious, fairer, and balanced view of the world, business, and to deliver higher consciousness through the commercial environment.
The day was all about diversity of thought and inclusion which is a hot topic in HR news at the moment.  
One of the best ways to improve diversity and inclusion is to listen to your people and VIBE technology provides exactly that.  
Vibe has continuous feedback and self-awareness capability to create a more diverse and balanced corporate strategy and culture.
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