WINNER: HR Tech Outlook Top 5 Leadership Development Companies UK 2020

Drum roll, please………..We are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded the HR Tech Outlook top 5 leadership companies award!

It’s a fantastic achievement for our People Director Stephanie Corking, and her team, who have consistently delivered innovative leadership solutions to our clients. The subscribers of HR Tech Outlook were requested to nominate companies who they believe are at the forefront of tackling their pressing problems in the leadership arena and whom they will recommend to their peers, and we a proud to announce that we ranked in the top 5 companies in the UK. The final listing was decided unanimously by HR Tech Outlook’s advisory panel consisting of HR leaders and members of their editorial board who decides on the Top 10 based on their own parameters and criteria.


Stephanie Corking Leadership Coach


“We are obviously extremely excited to have been nominated never mind ranking top 5!” Stephanie explained, “I’m super proud of the LOA team and our leadership consultants and not forgetting our Vibe team who supported us with the Vibe 360 platform that drives a lot of our leadership initiatives. We’ve spent the past few months updating and improving our product offering, in particular, the new Vibe 360 personal report and executive reporting function and receiving the news was a great reward for us all at Laws of Attraction.”


Here’s what HR tech had to say…


HR TECH - Laws of Attraction


To support the nomination, Stephanie was interviewed by the magazine about our Vibe feedback platform and the impact that collecting big data has on leadership development. The article is available here for you to read…


What are the befits of 360 feedback in an organisation?

We use our Vibe 360 feedback and survey platform to support leadership development by listening and providing deep insights into all aspects of leadership culture and team performance. The information collected via the Apps and or web-based surveys creates a large data set which then is compressed into insight via our specialist algorithms and easy to understand reports. This provides both individual leaders and executive teams with insights that allow you to build a winning strategy. The diagnostic tools within the platform illustrate a deep understanding of behaviours and perceptions that can be used regularly to manage the biggest opportunity and risk - your people. 


Vibe 360 Dashboard


Because an organisation's culture is defined by the way in which its leaders behave, it follows that if you want to change the culture, you need to start by changing the thinking. That’s why all of the Vibe diagnostic tools come with expert consultancy from our team of experienced industry specialists who train and coach how to mobilise the findings into your business. This means that the data is harnessed in the most effective way to ensure increases in productivity are achieved.

One of the differentiators of our services is that we have a passion for people and that we contextualise everything through the lens of relationship science. This provides your business with a practical and truly human-centric approach to enhancing your HR and leadership strategy.

Please do talk to Stephanie and the team if you’d like to know more about how we can engage, inspire and motivate the leaders in your business…

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