Laws of Attraction has been appointed to deliver our Vibe 360 programme across the Capita group

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with Capita PLC and their Learning Academy to deliver our Vibe 360 programme for Leaders and Managers across the Capita Group.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To have a bespoke and tailored 360 framework that is in line with the Capita values and competencies
  • To ensure ongoing development and coaching for the talent pool to enable succession planning and career planning
  • For Capita to have one 360 tool that is used universally across the divisions, allowing for transparency of leadership skills and behaviours that feeds into the people plan
  • To measure and evaluate leadership performance based on behaviours that will drive the ‘leader led’ culture across the organisation

Lisa Pinfield, Group Head of Talent & Development at Capita commented...

Leadership development and engagement is a high priority for Capita, especially in these current times; where employees are working remotely, we have a responsibility to develop high-performing employees and stronger teams. We have partnered with Laws of Attraction to contextualise the Vibe 360 tool to deliver insightful and intuitive reports to help inform, engage and support our leaders’ development and for us to make more data-driven decisions as a function.

Laws of Attraction has worked hard to understand the intricacies of our organisation; ensuring that the leadership behaviours measured in the 360 are aligned with our company values and vision. We are hugely excited about this partnership and looking forward to working with Laws of Attraction to support our succession planning and execute our talent development strategy.

Delivering a 360-programme co-created with Capita

To ensure that Vibe 360 is customised to Capita’s organisation’s culture and competencies we embarked on a six-week diagnostic phase to ensure that the 360 framework was co crafted and tailored to Capita’s culture and values.

We started with a rounded and methodical audit and review of all available competency frameworks, values and vision, collateral, stakeholder interviews and insight.  During this phase, we worked with the key stakeholders and a sample of leaders across the business functions on a series of research and diagnostic activities. The aim here was to be thorough, rather than complex and to ensure that the current leadership culture, strategy, engagement, communications, policies and procedures were explored. The research and findings conducted during the diagnostic stage guided the insight strategy focused on driving engagement, leadership behaviours and a high performing culture.

During phase two we ran a series of workshops with a cross-section of the direct reports in each of the business functions to understand what they wanted from the leadership and management population.  The two-hour session (with up to 8 colleagues from a cross-section of the organisation) was fun, engaging and inspiring exercises designed to spark conversations and ignite healthy debate around all aspects of leadership engagement, communication and its integration into the overall leadership culture.

Our robust diagnostic and bespoke design are key to the success of the Vibe 360 platform and reporting when implementing in a large organisation with over 70,000 employees. Our full analysis with the HR team and key stakeholders, using our extensive knowledge and experience helped us to co-create the most relevant questions for the leadership and management population. This ensured that the questions and competencies contained within the survey are aligned with the organisational values, brand and business objectives to drive the business forward.

Commenting on the recent partnership, Stephanie Corking, People Director at Laws of Attraction commented…

“Myself and my team are delighted to be working with the Capita Group on such a great initiative that will drive behavioural change and talent development across the organisation. The diagnostic stage has been thoroughly enjoyable, predominantly down to the energy and enthusiasm from the P&D team in Capita, who are truly engaged and passionate about embedding the Vibe 360 platform into the business. It’s been a great introduction to the business and we are very much looking forward to seeing the relationship grow as we start the roll-out phase.”

Welcome to a better way of doing 360s

Click here to find out more about our Vibe 360 assessment and feedback technology and discover how we can help you manage your biggest opportunity and risk, your leaders. 



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