Case Study: SWAN's Digital Brand Transformation Makes A Splash With Members

SWAN is the leading, global voice for the smart water sector. A membership based non-profit, that brings together water utilities, solution providers, and proactive industry experts.

They turned to us late in Q3 2021 to assist with their digital transformation and the creation of a new brand identity and positioning strategy.

Choosing a swan as the focal point of the new identity was not a difficult decision, especially as they are considered to be symbols of change in many cultures throughout the world. We gave this particular swan the appearance of origami to reinforce that theme because, like swans, the art of paper folding is synonymous with transformation.

When it came to colour, blue was another obvious choice because of its associations with water. Added to that, the fact that blue is associated with trust, confidence and credibility, made it a great fit for SWAN.

We added an accent of yellow/orange to the palette to bring some energy and passion. Emotionally it brings to mind warmth, collectiveness and collaboration, which tied in perfectly with SWAN’s new brand values and personality.


This is incredible!!

Shirley Ben-Dak, VP Strategy & Innovation, SWAN.


We can’t thank you and your team enough for all your hard work to make it so smooth and professional. Thanks again!

Amir Cahn, Executive Director, SWAN.








This is a great new bit of messaging! I love the excitement and energy that it communicates. Well done.

Great work, SWAN team! Love the fresh new identity and site.

Very well done!! Congrats on the new brand, very cool and slick.

The site looks fantastic, clean intuitive, really like the new branding marks.
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