Shantona Womens Centre

Simon started to work with Shantona in 2012 and recently joined the Board of Directors. He has helped to redesign the online presence and service categories. He went on to produce videos to help communicate the amazing work that Shantona does. The communications strategy continues to reach out to the community, businesses and government to generate sponsorship, donations and business support services. Shantona integrates women from all over the world into the Leeds community, supporting them with a wide range of services from a support service for victims of domestic violence to services supporting health and well-being, finance and family relationships. Led by Nahid Rasool, who has dedicated 25 years to this cause, the centre will amaze you with the intense, difficult support work that it provides. It is a real mainstay within the community and deals with complex cultural issues. 

“Simon has supported us over many years and still has a lot of great strategic and practical ideas to help Shantona" Nahid Rasool

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