Laws of Attraction: a brand created with heart

The heart has long been recognised across cultures as a symbol for love, emotion and empathy. Hearts have also been used throughout history in rituals and ceremonies with a goal to strengthen relationships. When it came to creating a mark to represent our own values and aspirations as a business, we honestly couldn’t think of anything better.

More than just a logo

It’s more than just a logo, it‘s a mark of true love

Our heart is a symbol of our desire to improve business performance by enhancing relationships. It represents our love for all that we do, and our passion for delivering exceptional work time and again. The striking, angular matrix of converging lines symbolises the way in which we bring people and organisations together by strengthening the relationship they have with themselves, their peers and the customer, all of which contibutes to a happier, healthier culture.

Pregnant With Possibility

Our brandmark is an intentionally flexible device that can be scaled and cropped to create icons, abstract patterns and supergraphics.


Our brandmark can be used as a supergraphic for covers on brochures and reports




The heart can be reconfigured to create symbols and icons




Branded double quote marks show (as well as tell) the viewer that we’re aligned with the author




Our ‘neural network’ pattern is flexible to be used in both online and offline collateral

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