Exploit your data as a force for good

Vibe DMS is a bespoke and scalable ‘Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as Service (SaaS) AI solution that can be applied to an organisation's internal and external stakeholder data.

Our specialist team can support you in the design, creation and ongoing management of your new data ecosystem. In turn, this allows you to manage, fuel your growth objectives and open up new opportunities. To expedite your new data management system there are several important decisions to make from legalisation and hosting to collection and security.

Once we have advised you on these strategic decisions we can then start to design and build your new data management system. The process will also open up new ways of thinking and more importantly new revenue streams and opportunities for growth.


Understanding the challenge and agreeing on the datasets

Like any data project, the outcome is only as good as the methodology and due diligence taken at the outset.

We gather and analyse thousands of data points from first-party data sources (the data you own from CRM, ERP etc.) second-party data sources (other first-party data) that are helpful to your overall data ecosystem strategy and finally third-party data sources including competitor, social, economic, behavioural, psychological and social logical.

Our team will unify and codify all of the data sources to support you in your strategy. 



Painting by numbers

Once we have codified the data sources we then create your dashboards, which are tailored to your needs by matching the visualisation back to the challenge and strategic objective. Our dashboards can include real-time and batch upload cloud reporting to segment personas and target areas that will address the initial challenge faced.


Reimagining the rules

To support this process we also provide a full target operating model, playbook and guidelines which details everything you need to know about how your new data centre works and how best to translate the data and reporting into practical and actionable outcomes to power your strategic priorities. This includes full details on validity and effectiveness of data sources, persona building, ranking effectiveness of products, services, customer and colleague engagement metrics, leadership accountability and communication.


Embedding the insight into your organisation

Finally, we coach, consult and train your people to support and embed this product so we can help you maximise the investment in your new data management system.

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