Maintain your competitive advantage by investing in ED&I

A strong corporate culture that invests in equality, diversity and inclusion is one of the greatest competitive advantages a company can maintain by creating psychological safety, purpose and belonging.

We believe that a culture that embraces true diversity and inclusion starts at the top, and isn’t treated as an HR initiative. Commitment from the leadership teams is essential to guide companies through the culture shift of embracing diversity and inspiring inclusiveness.

Effective leaders listen and encourage diversity of thought which in turn improves wellbeing, engagement and business productivity. In essence, we believe ED&I should be the lifeblood of an organisations culture.

That’s why we use our Vibe behavioural analytics platform and consultants to create leaders who embrace and embody the ED&I vision, values and strategy to engage and inspire those around them to do the same. Our team are experienced in global ED&I projects and are here to help you work through and understand the different data laws and cultural nuances associated with the different countries you operate in. This data ensures we co-create a meaningful diagnosis and continuous feedback loop to ensure you really shift the perceptions and conversation around ED&I within your organisation. 

Discover what our Vibe ED&I platform can do for you.


When you have better insight, you make better decisions

Vibe is an innovative web-based survey and feedback platform.

The Vibe platform provides actionable insights and benchmark data in key cultural ED&I components including Leadership, Communication, Diversity/Inclusion, Benefits, Reward & Recognition, Learning & Development, Work/Life Balance, Wellbeing and Innovation.

The Vibe platform provides you with a deeper understanding of equality (also known as equity), diversity and inclusion practices and policies throughout your organisation, enabling you to make informed decisions in real-time that will positively impact on your ED&I strategy.



Enhancing every element of ED&I

We use our periodic table to assess all of the key components of ED&I within your organisations' corporate culture. This provides a rounded stake in the ground and a memorable report and a plan to align, engage and inspire leaders throughout the organisation.


Diving deep into your data to reveal the most telling insights

Vibe ED&I executive reports enable you to create your own unique data analysis by benchmarking against internal and external data, to allow for a deeper dive into all aspects of your culture. This helps to create and support a continuous feedback loop, actionable insights and leadership accountability.


Because everybody is different, so are our learning programmes

We configure, with the help of the big data, a blended and bespoke suite of learning programmes in-line with your ED&I priorities and themes of your leadership teams.

Our online and classroom-based workshops, masterclasses and coaching provide training and development to guide your leaders and managers through the culture shift of embracing diversity and inspiring inclusiveness.


What are you famous for?

A leadership brand is created by the way people behave, react and interact which in turn defines your culture. You already have a leadership brand, you have a reputation based on your current leadership skills. We help you to look closely at what your current leadership brand is, reflect and realign to bring the ED&I narrative to the forefront of your leadership brand. This will allow you to self-reflect on where you are now and 'what you want to be famous for’.

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