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Attraction has been studied scientifically for decades, yet research in this area doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention it warrants and is often left hidden in academic papers. It’s perhaps not surprising then that the vast majority of consultants and creatives, when faced with choices on how to attract, often rely on their own experience and intuition, rather than considering established psychological theories and practices.

It is not uncommon for people to believe they already possess an intuitive understanding of psychological principles, simply by virtue of living life and interacting with others. As a result, they’re less likely to consult psychological research when making decisions. This overconfidence often causes people to miss golden opportunities. 

Vibe Surveys
Our surveys are designed to help you gather meaningful insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that take the guesswork out of commercial decisions.
Vibe 360
Vibe 360 is an innovative feedback tool that uses relationship psychology to enhance colleagues’ self-awareness in line with their personal goals, the customer value proposition and company objectives.
Vibe Lite
Vibe lite is an ‘always on’, real-time feedback tool for your customers and employees, enabling them to instantly inform you when something out of the ordinary has happened.
Sentiment Analysis
Vibe’s sentiment analysis functionality can analyse hundreds of thousands of unstructured comments, intranet comments and social media comments in seconds.
We use psychological methodologies to monitor and record both conscious and subconscious perceptions during fun and relaxed sessions.
Financial Reporting
Vibe measures employee engagement to reveal hidden values within your business, as well as helping to identify the value drivers.
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