As the world embraces digital platforms to connect and communicate, at Laws of Attraction we have adapted and realigned our leadership programs to offer a memorable, blended approach to learning.

Masterclasses by Laws of Attraction are a series of inspiring and motivating interactive learning experiences, designed to start conversations and to ignite the debate around the things that matter most to you and your teams. The sessions are led by an experienced Laws of Attraction consultant or affiliated specialist, all with years of experience in their particular field. 

All sessions are facilitated around our core design principles supported with engaging and memorable content to ensure they have an inspiring and productive impact with executive and management teams around the world. We enjoy supporting our clients with our four-point process that breaks through challenges, inspires the future and helps to fast track actions.


Laws of Attraction Masterclasses


Objectives of the Masterclasses:

•  How to maximise relationships at work to get things done 

•  Identify and think through the current and required skills and behaviours 

•  Simple tips that you can straight back to the workplace and implement 

•  Do things differently – focus on how and why – not what   

•  Will support PDP, 360 action plan and coaching objectives



Masterclasses can be purchased in a one-off payment starting from as little as £1,999 for a single masterclass. All masterclasses and interventions are fully customisable and can be blended together to create a subversive, memorable, engaging and commercial leadership development programme. 

Our masterclasses programme allows you to further personalise your learning with a full diagnostic and follows up one to one and group coaching, and our Vibe learning platform is available to all customers who sign up to three or more masterclasses.

Below is an overview selection of the facilitated masterclasses, however, this list is not limited and we can create completely tailored masterclasses for you. If there is something you would like to discuss please contact us on

Masterclasses programme
Active Listening

The way to become a better listener is to practice "active listening." This is where you make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that another person is saying but, more importantly, try to understand the complete message being sent.  Our 'Active Listening' masterclass helps you learn new skills and behaviours to engage and empower your employees and peers. We also offer to follow up one to one coaching from one of our accredited coaches to help work through any blockages that might be getting in the way of effective listening. 

The Active listener masterclass includes:

  • What active listening is and why is it so important
  • How improving your active listening will allow you to do
  • What stops 'you' from listening and how 'you' can overcome and change your (bad) habits
  • How being an active listener can improve your relationships


Trust Masterclass

Trust is the most important factor for the development and maintenance of happy, well- functioning relationships. Organisational trust not only leads to high co-operation between leaders and employees but also high levels of performance, engagement and motivation. This session will explore the relationships leaders have with their teams and peers, giving opportunities to identify the importance of trust and explore what’s working well and areas for improvement.

The Trust Masterclass includes: 

  • Understand the characteristics to develop trust and devise an action plan
  • Identify areas for improving trusted communication styles
  • Assess your delegation style, develop your strengths/development areas
  • Explore a feedback model that builds trust
The Role of a Manager

Establish the critical skills and behaviours required by your managers and leaders and address any areas for development by setting personal SMART objectives. We will work through the challenges and opportunities to help form a unified guideline for happier and more productive team relationships.

'The role of a manager' Masterclass includes: 

  • Identify their management strengths and establish where they can use their strengths to build long-lasting, effective relationships across the business
  • Appreciate how their own communication and management style shapes their own team and wider business culture
  • Identify blockers to successful working relationships and develop an action plan to overcome 
Influencing & Communication

Explore the key roles managers have within your organisation and their ability to influence and shape the future of the organisation. This masterclass introduces emotional and factual approaches to influencing, ensuring managers appeal to a variety of personality types both within the organisation and to customers. A variety of models and techniques will be explored.

The Influencing & Communication masterclass includes:

  • Transactional Analysis (Parent, Adult, Child behaviours)
  • How to manage difficult conversations in ‘adult’
  • A.I.D. Feedback Model
  • Emotional Intelligence leadership styles
High Performing Teams

Providing an opportunity for teams to understand their own individual personality types, team dynamics, micro/macro environments to build awareness, to enable teams to work more cohesively and more productively together.

The High Performing Teams Masterclass includes: 

  • Analyse the team dynamics, identify cross-functional challenges and provide a foundation for developing productive, honest and successful working relationships
  • Improve relationships and productivity within their team and the wider business
  • Identify team strengths, manage potential risks and maximise opportunities in order to establish and embed a more productive way of working
Brand New Brand You

A leadership brand is created by the way people behave, react and interact which in turn defines your culture. You already have a leadership brand, you have a reputation based on your current leadership skills. This masterclass will look closely at what your current leadership brand is, and by reflecting on your current skills, behaviours and your personal values, you can start to self-reflect on where you are now and ‘what you want to be famous for’.

The 'Brand New Brand You' Masterclass includes:

  • Acknowledge and recognise that you are a ‘brand’; identify your most important life values that contribute to your personal branding.
  • Understand ‘WHY’ you do what you do and identify your purpose as a leader.
  • Build up a comprehensive profile plan and challenge strategy of “Brand New Brand You” in terms of the image you would like to present versus the image you actually present.
The Art of Delegation

Effective delegation is one of the most valuable tools a leader and manager can have in their box. When your teams know you trust them enough to delegate an important task, it boosts their motivation to get the job done.

As a leader or manager, it’s important to know there is an art to delegating. Some managers think it can take up too much of their time and attention to delegate work to their teams, but there is a huge advantage when it’s done correctly.

The Art of Delegation Masterclass includes:

  • Identifying what, how and who to delegate too
  • Defining the task and developing the brief
  • The delegation/development continuum
  • The departmental delegation 6-month plan
  • Empowerment, motivation, reward and accountability
Coaching Performance

Using a tried and tested coaching models, this masterclass will prepare and encourage team leaders, managers and executive leaders to have courageous coaching conversations so that it becomes part of their management style. Having a coaching style of management has many benefits. It empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility, and this, in turn, will not only increase the individual’s performance but will increase employee engagement and team performance. 

The Coaching Performance Masterclass includes: 

  • Understand the support/challenge model and how to use this with their team members
  • Appreciate how to use a coaching style to engage and inspire the improved performance of every member of their team
  • Understand the different motivation types within their teams and when to use them
  • Practice a coaching model
Creating Your Personal Action Plan

Having a robust action plan, clear objectives and identified success measures is key to achieving goals. Writing clear, concise and personal SMART objectives is one of the stumbling blocks a lot of leaders struggle to get over. We will explore the differences between writing corporate objectives and personal objectives – the latter often being the most challenging for managers and leaders.

Creating Your Personal Action Plan Masterclass includes:

  • What I will do differently? Consider your behaviours here too…
  • What is the impact on the business? My team? My reputation?  
  • Provide context to the action (when, where, opportunities)
  • Identify success measures - How will I know if I have been successful?
  • What could stop me from achieving this and how will you overcome it?
Personality Insights

We run a number of psychometrics based masterclasses by our qualified facilitators that allow participants to understand their own personality type and how these behaviours fit in with their organisation, teams and peers.  We are accredited in MBTI, INSIGHTS and DiSC, all providing participants with a personalised report and 3-hour workshop that gives a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

The masterclasses are fun, insightful, informative and interactive. Far more than just personality tests, they provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The personality preference profiles reveal how we see and interact with the world, giving insight into our motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

Compelling, Confident and Courageous Conversations

This masterclass breaks down the components of conversations so that delegates can truly understand the impact of a compelling, confident and courageous conversation.

By developing awareness of the blockers and barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them through active learning and participation, delegates will learn how to change their challenging conversations for a more compelling outcome.

The 'Compelling, Confident and Courageous Conversations' Masterclass includes: 

  • Compelling, confident and courageous explained
  • How to feel confident and courageous
  • How body language can make you more compelling
  • Planning and preparing your conversations
  • Curveballs, and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with emotions and getting the outcome you desire
Leading in Crisis

This masterclass looks at the desirable behaviours and resilience to lead in a crisis. During this three-part interactive session we will uncover, discuss and identify solutions to the three crucial elements when dealing with a crisis; Customer, People, Strategy. We will identify what’s changed and what needs to be different and create organisational pathways to lead the change.

Customer - Customer profile  • Customer mindset •  New customers/opportunities • Competitor analysis • Pre-work: MRI self-assessment

People - Communication Style • Employee Wellbeing • EQ Leadership • Listening skills • Feedback skills • Pre-work: Core Values exercise

Strategy - Adaptability • Creativity • Innovation model • Short term actions v’s long term goals

Running Effective One to Ones

Having regular conversations about your team’s performance and wellbeing and giving appropriate positive and development feedback are the essential ingredients of an effective one to one meeting.

This engaging masterclass will help you to explore your barriers to running effective one to ones, provide you with a toolkit to improve your conversations so that both parties benefit; and also to give you confidence as a manager to get the best out of that ‘golden hour’ every month.

As a result of attending this masterclass, participants will: 

  • Look at the benefits of one to ones from all perspectives
  • Understand how to structure the meeting
  • How to agree on actions, ensure accountability and follow up
  • How to move into the digital one to one space as the ‘new normal’
  • Learn about transactional Analysis, a communication tool to help you remain in an adult mindset
You have to be Candid to be Kind

With employee wellbeing high on the agenda, it’s important to remember that you need to be candid to be kind and how important feedback is to maintaining a happy and healthy workforce. As an employer or leader, we can greatly affect the stress, mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues in our teams with our communication styles and behaviours. ‘Giving feedback effectively’ ranks in one of the top 10 development areas for managers, whilst employee engagement surveys often score low on questions like ‘my manager communicates effectively to me’. This three-hour workshop will enable you to assess your own feedback habits and learn some new techniques for giving both positive and negative feedback.

The 'You have to be Candid to be Kind' Masterclass includes: 

  • How to give and receive effective feedback
  • Assessing our own effective & ineffective habits
  • How to create and build positive, productive working relationships
  • High impact feedback techniques
  • Opportunities to give more feedback
Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

A leadership brand is created by the way people behave, react and interact which in turn defines your culture. You already have a leadership brand, you have a reputation based on your current leadership skills. We help you to look closely at what your current leadership brand is, reflect and realign to bring the ED&I narrative to the forefront of your leadership brand.

The 'Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Culture' Masterclass Includes:

  • How gender messages have impacted your behaviour as a leader
  • How to drive equality, diversity and inclusion agenda's empathy
  • The importance of enhancing your strengths and how to do it
  • Create ‘Brand New Brand You’ and build a communication plan to help you to influence at a business strategy level
  • Leading culture change - taking a key role in changing your organisational culture that has a positive impact
STEP for Successful Relationships

As a leader or manager, effective communication; that is listening, openness and transparency, flexing your communication style, making people feel safe at work and showing empathy and understanding, all contribute to building trust, empowering and inspiring your teams and strengthening relationships. If a person has positive relationships at work, they are less likely to experience workplace stress and to be more productive.

The STEP Masterclass includes:

STRESS - What impact on workplace stress? Strategies to manage your own stress. How to mentor and coach employees who show stress signs.

TRUST - Understand the five characteristics of developing trust. Explore the model of our relationship and develop a strategy for improving cross-functional relationships.

EMPOWERMENT - Assess your delegation style and develop your strengths and development areas. Develop an action plan for rewarding and recognizing teams.

PASSION - Explore the Willing and Able model to assess your own team. What motivates us at work? How to harness passionate employees.

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