Uncover insights to build a better customer experience

Every relationship you build internally and externally makes a difference to the way you do business, and that’s especially true when it comes to the people who buy from you.

Our Vibe data management system, survey, feedback and insight platform can help you to build a rounded picture of your customer ecosystem and how best to implement incremental customer-centric cultural change in order to drive customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and ultimately the lifetime value of your customers.


Delivering trusted data when you need it most

Combining our consultative data services with our scalable ‘Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) consumer insight DMS we help you create, implement and understand your complete consumer ecosystem. By applying our AI technology to your data points, we help you to see your data in a multitude of ways to gain a competitive advantage over competitor, social, economic, behavioural, psychological and social logical data sources.


Getting to the heart of your customer’s issues

Consumer behaviour, choice and preferences are changing at unprecedented rates. Accelerated by recent world events, the ability to gather, interpret and act upon consumer insight has never been more paramount. Our customer surveys have been developed to help you strengthen the relationship with each customer at every touchpoint within your organisation.

  • Bespoke surveys with tailored questions, feedback loop and real-time collection
  • Feedback and analysis from hundreds of data sources including quantitative, image, video and voice
  • Global, national and industry benchmarking and best practises available
  • Supportive after services linked to full CX assessment and strategy

Insights that inspire action

Our customised dashboards make it easy to understand how your customer relationships develop over time.


Data to drive outcomes

Our executive reports ensure the data that can make the biggest difference ends up in the hands of the right people to act on those insights. We use sentiment analysis AI to assign scores to every piece of feedback, so you know where the gaps are in the experience.

We also monitor trends over time so you can see if the changes you make are having the desired effect in improving customer attraction, retention, loyalty and profitability.

  • See customer metrics by department, location and customer type
  • Monitor progress over time to benchmark and identify trends
  • Actionable insights, so you can make informed decisions with confidence
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