By helping your people to build strong, healthy relationships with themselves, each other and your brand, we can help you to increase engagement and improve results.


Insight & Engagement

By combining psychology with relationship technology we are able to shine a new light on what your customers, suppliers and employees really think.

Strategy & Communications

Insights from interaction with real people inform all of our work, enabling us to create emotive internal communication campaigns that connect with hearts and minds to inspire change.

Leadership Development

Ours is an exciting and unique approach to leadership development; we focus on the art of building relationships.

Customer Testimonials

'The Day in the Life Project was developed to bring alive what ‘good looks like’ in our front line leadership roles in an engaging and informative manner. LoA worked very closely with us to bring this vision to life in a very creative and interactive way. The project itself presented challenges along the way give the size and complexity of our portfolio of businesses, but the dedicated support we received from LoA helped keep us on track. Best of all our leaders absolutely love what we’ve produced.'
Lisa Farrell

Head of HR  

'I would like to thank the team at Laws of Attraction for your time, cooperation and excellent delivery during the Executive Coaching Program in Gouna 2019. Your time, input, flexibility and way of delivery were very much effective and beneficial to all of GB Executives team.'
George Sedky

Chief Human Resources Officer

'We’re committed to developing the skills of our colleagues across Scotland’s Railway. Laws of Attraction have been a tremendous support in helping to drive and deliver this programme of development, in line with our Leadership framework and our Vision and Values.'
Ruth Hill

Senior Training Manager

'The team at Laws of Attraction really impressed us with their understanding of the brief, the marketplace and the challenge we face. Their capabilities across strategy, content and creative make them uniquely equipped to bring innovative, integrated solutions to what we’re trying to achieve. We are excited to partner with them to write the next chapter of Thermos’ story.'
Nick Kime

Managing Director

'Laws of attraction have worked with Virgin Trains developing our VIBE survey to provide us with valuable insight and understanding of how our people feel about life at Virgin Trains. They have professionally delivered an intuitive survey that allows us to take the feelings of our people and extract meaningful analysis, that we turn into actions. This has led to improvements in the work experience of our colleagues and ensures that we are doing the right thing.  Simon and the team have supported us with training and helped us to innovate for the future.'
Victoria Whitehouse

Head of Colleague Communication & Engagement

'It is vital that we support and grow our team’s varied skills and our agreement with Laws of Attraction will see us explore new ways to get the very best from our incredible talent pool. It will ensure that our management are at the very top of their game in terms of understanding their teams. The bespoke plans Laws of Attraction have produced are designed to ensure the growth and development of all staff via strong knowledge of what makes them tick.'
Sean Brennan

European MD

‘I’ve partnered with many companies over my 25-year career but this partnership has been one of the best without a doubt. Laws of Attraction really have absolutely gone the extra mile. This is much more than a cultural/employee engagement survey and the consultative support service is fantastic covering big data, communications and behavioural change.’
Tracey Williams

HR Director

'We have worked with Laws of Attraction for a few years and recently we included their Vibe solution in our bid operate the West Midlands rail network. We took our colleague strategy extremely seriously and it worked because we won the bid and Laws of Attraction have been a key part of the mobilisation process and great to work with.'
Kerry Smith

Deputy Mobilisation Director – West Midlands Trains

'I chose to use Laws of Attraction for the National Mentoring Awards campaign because they really understood the true value of mentoring which was paramount for us. Their passion really came through in their creative ideas and the campaign was a huge success. It was a pleasure to work with Simon and the team, they are all wonderful and went out of their way to ensure every detail and prompt delivery was met, really great service and I will be using them again for my next campaign.'
Chelsey Baker

Founder - The National Mentoring Awards

'Laws of Attraction are doing amazing things with psychological insights for businesses. Simon the CEO was a great partner, highly responsive and unbelievably flexible and patient with regards to all of the work we did together at Farfetch.'
Amy Sawbridge

Senior Consultant

'Laws of Attraction are absolutely a first class outfit – The 5-year plan that the team wrote and created for my business three years ago really helps guide and motivate me every month. The ongoing support and advice really are bringing to life the Laws of Attraction for me and my team. Thank you, LOA!'
Drew Beckett

CEO and founder Beckett Hanlon Global Property Franchise

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