At Laws of Attraction we believe better businesses start with stronger relationships.  

Everything we do is centred around enhancing relationships in a way that positively impacts culture and business performance. At the heart of this is our award-winning Vibe AI survey and feedback platform, providing deep, actionable insights into all aspects of your organisation. The reporting insights come with sage advice from our team of experienced industry specialists who consult and coach how to mobilise the findings effectively.

Bound together by a passion for people and cultural optimisation, our experience spans industries, sectors, geographies, languages and cultures. Whether you’re a start-up going through expediential growth; a multinational going through a merger or acquisition or a highly-unionised institution looking to restructure, we’re here to help.

From global transportation businesses to retail giants, technology leaders to world-class scientific institutions, our technology and consultancy services have supported them all.

Welcome to a world of better relationships.


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Our People

Precious Aiwekhoe
HR Consultant 
Haydn Bratt
Executive Coach
Mora Burundarena
Account Manager
Steve Barry
Executive Coach
Stephanie Corking
People Director
Ana Costa
Behavioural Scientist 
Colin Dawson
Business Consultant
Fabia Delamoura
Social Media Manager
Ognjen Damjanovic
Motion Graphics & Animation
Petra Drali
Business Consultant
Mark Kendrick
Film Production
Simon Kevan
Sally Kevan
Event Manager
Andrew Moorhouse
Katy Noble
Project Manager
Yo Percale
Executive Coach
Ian Saville
Head of Magic
Jim Stothard
Chief Risk Officer

Our Clients

What's in a name?

It’s the reason why relationship science is central to everything we do, be it emotive brand communications, inspirational internal strategy or the development of our own technology – Vibe, a powerful new engagement platform that improves business performance by delivering in-depth emotional and financial insights.

The law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like'. In other words, the more alike we are to a person or brand, the more likely we are to engage with them. So why are we called Laws of Attraction and not simply Law of Attraction?


Well, what many people fail to understand is that the law of attraction cannot effect change on its own; it needs to work in unison with two other universal laws: the law of resonance and the law of reciprocation.

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being on the same ‘wavelength’ as someone, and that’s the easiest way to describe the law of resonance. A similarity in mindset allows for a stronger connection, whether that be with a person or the latest gadget, and with that the opportunities to engage become more frequent.

This leads us to the law of reciprocation. As engagement increases, so too do our feelings for the person or brand we are engaging with. As humans, we are hardwired to reciprocate, so if something or someone makes us feel good then we are much more likely to continue to invest in the relationship.

These laws of attraction are central to everything we do because we believe that relationships are the currency of life; the more we invest in them, the more rewarding they become.

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