3 Not So Obvious Things Women Find Attractive In Men And What That Means For Marketing

We read this article - 3 Not So Obvious Things Women Find Attractive In Men - from online magazine, Psychology Today with interest. The 3 attributes it describes are:

1) Storytelling

2) Humour

3) Altruism or generosity 

They seemed to hit the nail on the head in terms of what we at Laws strive to accomplish in our marketing - namely that it's not just the obvious good looks that drive a long-term relationship, but that to have any sort of longevity, there has to be something believable to back the good looks up. We follow the rules of interpersonal relationships and apply them to our communications and branding, so it's good to see that what we're doing in the commercial world, is also being confirmed in day to day life too. 

Read the article here and see if you agree! 

By Natasha Langton


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