Supporting the Moghissi Laser Trust

By Katy Noble

Recently as part of Laws of Attraction’s ongoing support of integral frontline charities, our creative team designed a brochure on behalf of the Moghissi Laser Trust. The aim of the brochure is to showcase the great work the Moghissi Laser Trust undertakes in the fight against cancer and to attract more awareness of the charities work.

The Moghissi Laser trust is a small but vital charity based at the Yorkshire Laser Centre at Goole and District Hospital. This fantastic charity delivers pioneering laser treatment to cancer patients and people who are suffering from other life-threatening conditions. The trust aims to supply the provision of Photodetection and Photodynamic Therapy to alleviate the suffering of patients irrespective of their financial status. Laser therapy is less invasive than standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as it shoots the laser directly into the affected area of the body. This makes it a particularly beneficial treatment for those suffering from cancer types that are in harder to reach places within the body such as ovarian, bowel, prostate, lung and oesophagus. The treatment is by day surgery and avoids the use of chemo and radio therapies, and yet the cost of treatment is much the same. However, unfortunately, this treatment is only suitable for around 1 in 10 people due to the nature and complexity of how the therapy works. 

In addition to providing laser treatment, the charity also funds constant clinical research and developments into Photodetection and Photodynamic Therapy and looks to fund equipment integrations into other hospitals and treatment centres around the UK. 

As part of our continued support of the charity, our team created the brochure with a view to reposition the fund and boost support and donations further.


Moghissi Laser Trust Brochure

You can view the complete brochure here Moghissi Laser Trust brochure 2017 or visit http://www.lawsofattraction.com/work/moghissi-laser-trust/ to find out more about the work we undertook on the charities behalf.

Simon Kevan, Laws of Attraction CEO said ‘it’s fantastic to be able to support this under the radar charity. The Moghissi Laser trust is behind decades of innovative and pioneering developments in this alternative cancer treatment that has helped to save the lives and alleviate the symptoms of cancer and other serious illnesses in patients. We are honoured to be able to utilise the resources we have at Laws of Attraction to assist this valuable charity wherever we can.'

You can find out more about the great work that the Moghissi Laser Trust undertakes by visiting their website: http://www.moghissilasertrust.org/

If you would like to make a donation, please visit: http://www.moghissilasertrust.org/donate/