John Lobb takes a step forward into management development

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with John Lobb, the gentleman’s bootmaker, making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866.

John Lobb's rich heritage is reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship, service and style – attributes that are now available to a wider international John Lobb audience. The company continues to maintain its bespoke shoe-making tradition in Paris, while also retaining core bespoke principles in the manufacture of its expanding ready-to-wear collection of shoes and leather goods. John Lobb Bootmaker has been in business for almost 150 years - and prides itself on upholding its exacting standards and unique levels of craftsmanship in the creation of hand-made shoes and boots for men. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to sharing our craftsmanship, service and style here at Laws of Attraction, to guide the managers and team leaders at their Northampton site through their 12-month development programme.

We’ve just completed our Vibe diagnostic phase with the Managers and their direct reports, which gave us great insight into what the participants want to get out of the programme. Our online diagnostic tool is a confidential survey sent to each participant so that we can create a bespoke programme that fits the company culture and the values.

During this phase we also worked with other key stakeholders on a series of research and diagnostic activities – the aim here is to be thorough rather than complex and to ensure that the engagement with the managers is active right from the start. The research and findings conducted during the diagnostic stage will guide our team’s design approach and will evolve as the project progresses. However, It’s worth mentioning that our diagnostic process evolves as the programme evolves! We are always listening, observing and adapting in collaboration with the manager's journey throughout the programme.

Creating a bespoke programme that fits the John Lobb culture is paramount to the success of this relationship. We use our wealth of experience to design workshops, exercises and content for our online portal. Any communications we create must not only attract attention but must also be unforgettable, otherwise, the activity represents a loss of investment. We use our Relationship Memory Process© in all our workshops and communications. This unique process is based on psychological research of how memory works, and its premise is a simple one; everything we deliver is based upon the ultimate objective of enhancing relationships through memorable communications.


Vibe relationship Memory Process

Over the next 12 months, we will deliver a blend of workshops, one to one and group coaching, building on the skills they already have as line managers and developing some new ones along the way. This will enable the managers in the business to be confident, accountable and able to drive the business forward through the effective management of their teams.

Lisa TVRDY, Human Resources Director based in Paris commented:

We already had the opportunity to work on a training and coaching program for a few managers with Stephanie in 2019. As the feedbacks were unanimously positive, we decided to launch a longer program for all our managers in the UK, covering all our fields of activities (Production, Sales, Support functions). We are really looking forward to deploying this program aimed at building capabilities and further develop the skills of our managers, as well as creating a sense of belonging to the management community!

We can’t wait to get started working with this beautiful brand and a team of highly enthusiastic Managers and Team Leaders. Toi find out more about what our Vibe technology can offer visit

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