Case Study: Yes We Cannabis! Strategic Support For An Exciting New American Startup


Cannacloud is a technology start-up based in the US, providing a unique platform to purchase and sell cannabis via their newly developed App, in states where it is legal to consume and sell marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

CannaCloud is a direct-to-consumer proposition that focuses on the desired outcome for both recreational and medical cannabis consumers. Their service focuses on understanding the individual consumer's needs and providing researched backed strain recommendations as well as seamless purchasing of cannabis products where state laws permit.

CannaCloud is a vertically integrated business with direct access to growers and manufacturers, and one-to-one relationships with their consumers that use their proprietary app to collect, verify and analyse information to provide a personalised seamless user experience.

CannaCloud asked Laws of Attraction to help their business from brand positioning and out, realisation, technology development, business planning, HR and people strategy including recruitment, EVP, benefits, Leadership, engagement and training.

Essentially, LOA were asked to take the initial idea, build the tech and create the business plan and take it to market via funding rounds in the US and UK to build the business….


Based on working with the client, we were asked to create:


To promote the safe use of cannabis and help consumers and businesses maximise its true potential by providing a seamless and personalised buying experience that is empowering, convenient and highly effective.


To create a world that views cannabis through the eyes of legitimacy by leading the positive change needed to enhance the success and acceptance of all players in the cannabis ecosystem.

Our task was to deliver:

  • Investor for the NASDAQ listing
  • 360 market research and business plan
  • Consumer insight and journey mapping for the US cannabis industry
  • Branding, ID and positioning for the US cannabis market
  • UX / UI user journey for the App
  • Technology road map for the App
  • Advertising concepts and marcomms plan for the US market
  • US securities governance provisions
  • US regulatory research for the Cannabis Industry
  • Risk and governance for the business expansion
  • Preparing for listing - NASDAQ
  • HR and people plan from Hire to Retire
  • Financial model and valuation
  • Seed round talks with brokers to fund CannaCloud

Partnering with the incredible team at LOA was the best decision I could have made as founder of a new technology start-up.  When I started working with LOA I was just an entrepreneur in great need of strategic guidance, and resources that would allow me to transform my idea into a tangible solution.  The team at LOA knew exactly what needed to be done, and quickly filled all the gaps that needed to be filled. 

The profound expertise, guidance and support that the team at LOA provided me was nothing short of exceptional.  I am forever grateful to every person at LOA that helped me for their immense efforts in making my dream become a reality. 

It is because of LOA that my company now has a sound and solid infrastructure, world class team, and a brilliantly designed application, which led to my company receiving a multi-billion dollar valuation.

I would like to personally thank Simon Kevan for his exemplar mentorship and leadership ability which ensured that his team and mine were given clear direction every step of the way.

I would also like to personally thank the brilliant Lee Johnson who worked with me side by side to create our world class infrastructure and 5 year growth strategy.  Due to Lee's remarkable efforts that he put into my company, my team and I felt that he was the most deserving to appoint as chairman of CannaCloud Inc.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank Paul Bosher for his tremendous expertise, and insight that helped me perfect my business model, and Graham Forbes his creative genius in design which brought life to my application. 

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or enterprise looking to maximize your company's efficiency LOA is the firm that will transform your business for years to come!

Courtney Roach, CEO, CannaCloud Inc.


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