In October 2012, Simon went with his sister, Sally and Chris and Lynette to meet the Prime Minister of Grenada Tillman Thomas to discuss how to help increase tourist numbers after the devastating effects of Hurricane Ivan. The downturn in cruise ship numbers had increased unemployment, and the happiness and well-being of people in the country were suffering. Simon and his team put together a strategy with the tourist board which combined a number of events with e-commerce video technology and fashion TV to showcase the products of the 'Spice Island' Unfortunately, 6 months later the Prime Minister Tillman Thomas was voted out of power and the project was canned. A big thank-you to the tourist board and Kadine Francis who was our exceptional tour guide for the 2 weeks. 

'The Laws of Attraction team provided us with many good thoughts to develop our community and tourism trade. On behalf of the people of Grenada thank you.' Prime Minster Tillman Thomas



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