Led by science and driven by creative ingenuity, we craft compelling stories that have the power to entertain, educate and engage that get to the heart of your audience.

Brand Communication Services - Features and Benefits


Communicating a consistent, compelling core idea

Long-term relationships are central to the success of any brand, and like all relationships, they depend on effective communication.

The yardstick we use to measure effectiveness is memorability. It’s also the reason why, no matter what it is we’re creating, we look to use emotion at every opportunity. Because while people may forget all kinds of details, they will always remember how something or someone made them feel.

What we do:

  • Market research
  • Trends & research
  • Workshops
  • Brand strategy
  • Customer & employee insight/survey
  • Brand & product naming
  • Mystery shopping  
  • Brand identity
  • Interviews & round-tables

Everything we do comes from the heart

We know that whether you’re trying to win new friends or new business, the same universal ‘laws of attraction’ apply. It’s this insight that drives our brand positioning strategy, and within that, language plays an essential role.

By defining a consistently authentic tone of voice, we can craft an unmistakable personality that helps to create a unique impression in the mind of the people you are trying to attract or retain, whether that’s customers or employees.

What we do

  • Strategic positioning
  • Vision, mission & values
  • Customer persona's
  • Brand personality
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice framework
  • Brand toolkit/playbook
  • Training & engagement

Simply unforgettable

In a world where people are overwhelmed by marketing messages, we cut through the noise with fresh, simple, intelligent communications.

Sometimes funny, occasionally provocative, and always engaging. We help our clients to raise awareness, gain recognition and build trust by following our Relationship Memory Model© to deliver consistent, emotive, creative communications in a number of media across multiple channels.

What we do

  • Internal brand communications
  • External brand communications
  • Video production
  • Storytelling & copywriting
  • 'Magic' communications
  • Advertising & content creation
  • Web design
  • AR/VR Content


Creative Process


Brand identity development and marketing collateral for High Pro Grow
New online presence for much-loved heritage brand Thermos
Brand development, repositioning and communications for Ovarro
Video, print and event marketing for East Midlands Railway mobilisation campaign
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