Emotive communications that inspire change

Relationship science is central to our internal communications service because we know that, whether you’re trying to engage or maintain relationships with colleagues, the same universal ‘laws of attraction’ apply.

Wherever possible we use psychological and emotional insights, combined with more traditional research techniques, to build strategic plans for telling compelling stories that have the power to boost morale, enhance engagement and, in turn, improve the customer experience.


We deliver a wide range of creative solutions, from printed collateral such as presentations, brochures and training materials, to digital media, video production and animation. We also specialise in brand identity design for internal and external audiences.



Vibe - Strategy and Communications Process

Compelling Strategy

Communicating a consistent, compelling core idea

We work to identify and encapsulate the emotional and human elements of your story so that it can be communicated via a consistent narrative that we refer to as the ‘golden thread’.

This ‘golden thread’ forms the basis of a strategy that will not only attract and captivate audiences but have the capacity to work across all communication channels – acting as a bridge between the brand and the wider world.

A Brand With Heart

Everything we do
comes from heart

We’re not just talking figuratively. The creation of a ‘brand heart’ is central to our employee engagement strategy.

Our heart is divided into a series of chambers, each defining one of the ten core dynamics of a brand. With this in place, all we have to do to communicate a consistent brand message at every touchpoint is, literally...follow our heart.

Communicating Memories

Simply unforgettable

Any communications we create must, first of all, attract attention, but they must also be memorable, otherwise, the activity represents a loss of investment.

To ensure this happens we use our Relationship Memory Process© – a unique formula based on our deep psychological understanding of how memory works.
Its premise is a simple one: everything we deliver is traced back to our ultimate objective of enhancing relationships through unforgettable communications.

Brand identity development and marketing collateral for HighProGrow
New online presence for much-loved heritage brand Thermos
Integrated internal communications campaign promoting company values for Servelec Technologies
Video, print and event marketing for East Midlands Railway mobilisation campaign
Mobilisation and uniform standards campaign for West Midlands Trains
Abellio Leadership Forum identity design collateral and Leadership Brochure
Annual conference collateral and brand identity design for Johnson Cleaners
Internal and external repositioning strategy and creative for Farnell element14
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